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Too many balls in the air?

You Don't Have to Do it Alone

Receive Orders with ZERO DATA ENTRY from ANY EMR!

Are you MAXIMIZING your reimbursement?

The key to addressing this challenge, he said, is to work with staff on the front end to make sure all of the information being captured is accurate. Sloppy front-end processes create a snowball effect, whereby information is lost and inaccurate billing leads to revenue gaps. Ensuring appropriate front-end processes makes it easier to bill appropriately on the back end, a problem Romeo has seen time and again.


—Tom Romeo, General Manager of Healthcare IT Solutions at Quest Diagnostics

"Tips for maximizing hospital reimbursement: Start by shoring up your revenue cycle"


And the list of things that can potentially have a negative impact on your revenue cycle goes on and on.

Compu-trol's Portable Diagnostics Management System (PDMsys) provides solutions that focus on eliminating the challenges that slow down your revenue cycle.


Are you MAXIMIZING your profit?

Unlike most free market businesses, you cannot change your pricing based on costs or market demand. In your unique business you are tied to the reimbursement rates dictated by the insurance carriers. And unlike most health care providers, you have multiple areas from order entry through collections that if not properly managed drive costs up and profits down.

Compu-trol's Portable Diagnostics Management System (PDMsys) provides solutions that focus on increasing productivity and maximizing your profits.

Nursing Homes Love PDMsys USERS!

because PDMsys users meet their demands with ease and reliability.


PDMsys is the INDISPENSABLE TOOL for your Portable Diagnostics Service

You’ll be amazed at how much simpler your job can become once you add this feature-rich software package to your business-operations toolkit. PDMsys’ highly intuitive user interface helps you quickly and almost effortlessly  overcome your biggest productivity issues.


It’s optimized to let you perform all your tasks with the fewest possible keystrokes—and you’ll do so with previously impossible speed and accuracy. No more fumbling the ball.


There isn't another productivity-boosting tool like PDMsys designed expressly to meet your needs as a portable diagnostics provider.


We Provide SOLUTIONS to Your Challenges!

Ask us how we can solve your challenges today.



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