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For the past 3 decades Compu-trol Technologies has focusing on enhancing productivity and business controls through the implementation of technology in a multitude of industries.

Providing solutions to business challenges not met by today's COTS has become the hallmark of the company.   

Clients in light manufacturing, wholesale distribution, importing, E-discovery and portable medical diagnostics have all benefited from Compu-trol Technologies "thinking out of the box" approach to solving business challenges. 

Ronald Weiss, CEO

With more than three decades of operational and management experience, Ronald Weiss is a seasoned executive in Information Technology with extensive experience as an entrepreneur. He spent several years in manufacturing and importing, gaining experience in management and operations. His education in business and industrial engineering, combined with the experience gained from his business environment, lead Mr. Weiss to recognize the value of “business process integration.” In 1989, while pursuing a degree in Business Computer Information Systems at Hofstra University, Mr. Weiss founded the company, Compu-trol Technologies Inc.

Building Compu-trol Technologies Inc., a software development and consulting firm, has afforded Mr. Weiss the opportunity to be exposed to numerous industries. His nature to immerse himself in his clients’ business operations has led to a level of knowledge equaled only by the owners. On occasion, this involvement has led Mr. Weiss to take a management position as well as a shareholder stake in a client’s operation. Most recently, his partnership in an e-discovery/litigation support company and his focus on the development of a “replicable business process” led to the development of a franchise dealership.

Another example of the immersive nature of Mr. Weiss’s work ethic has been his involvement in the mobile medical diagnostics industry—more specifically mobile radiology and cardiology. After his first exposure to this industry, more than 35 years ago, Mr. Weiss has-been instrumental in the success of several of these companies. The value of this experiences is no more evident than today. The explosive growth of EMR implementation in long term care facilities has led to an ever-growing need for revised workflows and business processes that leverage the availability of disparate system interoperability.

Mr. Weiss is credited with accomplishing system interoperability between several COTS as well as proprietary EMR and RIS systems. These integrations have included, but are not limited to, EMR systems such as SigmaCare, Pulse EMR, Point Click Care and OptimusEMR. The benefits of these integrations and the associated business process re-engineering have resulted in reduced costs while increasing the level of patient care.

The breadth of Mr. Weiss’s experience and a keen eye for the “application of technology” had been the driving force in the development of numerous technology-based systems, three of which received United States Patents (6,351,695; 6,433,863; 5,848,202). In addition to the issued patents, Mr. Weiss currently has patents pending in varying industries, including medical.

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