About the Portable Diagnostics Management System (PDMsys) Software

PDMsys is a Compu-trol Technologies developed integration platform the offers a library of applications that can be used together to provide a complete management system for the Portable Diagnostics Provider. Alternatively, many of the modules can be used independently to enhance your current infrastructure. PDMsys is highly configurable and customizable to meet your specific business needs.

PDMsys Components:

  • Order Entry: Manages the complete process of order entry. Orders can be entered via high productivity local screens, web page, HL-7, drag and drop. The order entry module provides for real-time validation and lookup of relevant data fields. Data validation and integrity checks reduce incorrect patient selection and duplicate orders mitigating compliance and lost revenue risks.

  • Revenue Cycle Management: Provides your business with everything you need from order entry through insurance processing.

  • Dispatch: Allocates the workload based on your defined parameters and provides bidirectional communication from order entry to the completion of the procedure. The dispatch module provides all the functionality needed in the mobile industry, and GPS integration for real-time technician tracking.

  • Technician Work List: Provides communication between dispatch and the technician. The worklist improves workflow and captures any relevant documentation via scanner or phone. Provides the technician with all of the necessary functionalities to identify the patient, perform the procedure, communicate the procedure outcome and electronically file all of the required documents relevant to the patient’s testing. 

  • Modality Worklist: Provides demographic and procedure details to modalities such as X-ray units, Sonographic Equipment, and electrocardiogram (EKG) machines, including integrating legacy equipment that does not support a standard modality worklist.

  • Doctor's Work List: Provides a Doctor's Work List for specialty diagnostics. The worklist is ideal for a cardiologist who reviews modalities such as EKGs, Holters, or Pacemaker monitoring. Additionally, studies can be forwarded to any other radiology system.

  • Facility Management: Defines all aspects of a facility's requirements from the referring physician list to facility-specific billing specifications while reducing compliance risks.

  • Results: Automatic delivery and confirmation of test results to the designated location via virtually any method.

General Features:

  • Security: Provides you with customizable options for security clearances within your business.

  • Customizable: PDMsys can be configured to meet your needs. Need a special report? No problem. Need to capture information other than what is currently being capturing? No problem. Need to communicate with another system? That can be done too. The PDMsys is designed to accommodate your needs, no matter how unique they may be.

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